‘Who Asked You?’ by Terry McMillan

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She’s back!!!!!!!  New York Times Bestselling author of “Waiting to Exhale and How Stella Got Her Groove Back” has published her eighth novel and this one has the McMillan flavor throughout its entirety. Her extremely candid and spunky writing style will surely have you laughing out loud at times.  This novel touches on many real life situations; from toxic friendships, financial issues, gender issues, ailing spouses, drug addiction and racial profiling.

Betty Jean is the main character and the storyline focuses primarily on her life, along with her immediate family and small circle of friends.  There is generally a matriarch in every family, and Betty Jean would definitely fit that description. She embodies the pure essence of a dutiful wife, mom, grandmother and sister.  There isn’t anything that she wouldn’t do for the people she loves, even if that means sacrificing her own health and sanity to care for someone else.

It will take you a few chapters to learn and keep track of the characters.  However, you’re hooked instantaneously once you do.  Each chapter is written in first person of that particular character.  As you’re reading, you are envisioning the person and living in their moment.  Even Betty Jean’s grandson has a voice, and his take on life through the eyes of a child will have you intrigued.  The thoughts and ideas floating around in his youthful head is an eye-opener for parents. We as parents sometimes take for granted how smart and observant our kids are.  You would be surprised at how much they do know and pick up on, but just are not able to articulate their feelings verbally.

McMillan is definitely back and here to stay! The plot thickens as you read on.  Can this be another big screen moment for Ms. McMillan?  Only time will tell….Great read!   —lili

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