Ann Coulter agrees with ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson’s homophobia

ann coulter duck dynasty

Leave it to wanna be relevant conservative Ann Coulter to try to defend the indefensible and inexcusable.

The right wing witch of the Republican Party told NewsMax’s “The Steve Malzberg Show” that “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson was right to slam homosexuals for their sexual orientation.

“There’s nothing offensive about what Phil Robertson said,” Coulter told Malzberg.

“That’s what the good book says,” Coulter said of his assertion that sex between two men is a sin. “And to just cite standard morality that has been around for thousands of years and have this angry gay mafia gang up on you and demand your suspension has just gotten out of control. This is not good for the gays.”

As most of you know by now, Robertson was suspended by A&E from filming on one of the most popular reality show in the country, leaving the future of the show’s relation with that network in question after his family issued a statement of solidarity in defense of

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