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‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ episode 8 best moments

Savannah Bus Issues

Kenya and Kandi Continue Their Fight

Things pick up where they left off with Kandi and Kenya yelling at each other over Kandi’s tardiness and Kenya’s bossiness. The other ladies finally get the two of them to calm down and stop arguing but the drama doesn’t stop there. The ladies end up discussing the role of a wife in a marriage and how much you need to have sex with your husband to keep him happy. While some of the wives refuse to be submissive, Mynique and Porsha explain that they prefer to be the submissive and to sleep with their husband all the time to keep him faithful. But when the ladies seem to disapprove of Porsha’s idea of a wife, she cries and explains that it’s a hard pill to swallow to finally understand she was being controlled in her marriage.

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