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George Duke, Lou Reed and other notable musicians we lost in 2013


It’s the end of the year, and RO decided to look back at those musicians who gave their final bows in 2013. The deaths of mainstays like Lou Reed, George Duke and Ray Manzarek left many fans in shock and saddened, as the legends touched our lives and our souls with their talents. The unexpected deaths of younger stars like Kris Kross’ Chris Kelly and troubled country star Mindy McCready served as reminders that fame and youth can sometimes take artists down a dark path.

As 2013 winds down, it’s important to take note of all of the legendary voices and sounds that were forever silenced this year. There were many great artists who passed away; some were legendary stars and household names, and others were beloved lesser-knowns. But all put their stamp on music and will be sorely missed by fans and contemporaries.

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  1. drlarrymitchell on December 30, 2013 at 6:12 pm

    All these bullshit rappers, and no mention of Jeff Hannemann from Slayer? For shame.