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50 Cent’s baby mama blasted: ‘She’s very well taken care of’

50 Cent - Dream School Cover

The war of words between 50 Cent and his baby’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, continues to rage in the media. Tompkins made headlines last week when she accused the famous rapper of ignoring their 17-year old son, but according to RumorFix, his camp says that she’s just angry because Fiddy has a new baby boy and she’s afraid she and her son are going to lose a chunk of the superstar’s inheritance money.

“Shaniqua clearly doesn’t have her son’s best interest in mind to drag lies into the media, her main focus is always how anything will affect her son’s potential inheritance,” said a source close to the rapper.

“She is a very well taken care of woman and so is her son — she hasn’t had to work since 2002 when 50 first made it on the music scene,” the source also told RumorFix. “She has yet to have a job since then.”

According to reports, 50 Cent supports both Shaniqua and their son as well as her daughter from another relationship–even buying a Mercedes Benz for a gift to the girl when she did well in school.

“This is all driven by Shaniqua being threatened her son will not be the only heir,” the source claims.

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  1. Caydence James on January 16, 2014 at 2:52 pm

    Wait. 50’s ex’s complaint is that he doesn’t find enough time to spend with his son and hasn’t seen him in almost a year. I’m sure that this is a verifiable statement so…..
    What does her complaint have to do with how “well” she’s being taken care of? Are you people suggesting that she shouldn’t be concerned about her son’s mental stability only because 50 takes care of FINANCIAL issues? I had no idea that there’s a payoff amount for parental responsibility to a child! Wooooowwwww!