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Russian teen behind Target data breach; Accessed 110 million credit card numbers

Sergey Taraspov
You’ve got to be kidding. A 17 year old is responsible for creating the software that hacked into Target’s database. It’s the second largest credit breach in American history and an underage, wet behind the ears hacker is responsible? Sergey Taraspov is the suspected criminal who developed the software that accessed Target’s 40,000 point of sales system and all its cash registers at the retailers 1,797 stores.

A native of St. Petersburg, Russia, Taraspov goes by the online nickname ‘ree4.’ The malware he created, BlackPOS, skimmed credit card numbers and other personal data over a 19-day period that began the day before Thanksgiving and went undetected until December 15.

It’s suspected that the software has been downloaded 40 times at $2,000 a pop and has infected the payment systems of six other retailers, including Neiman Marcus. Get this: if cyber criminals agreed to split the profits, the hacker offered a discount.

The Target cyber attack has potentially compromised 40 million credit card accounts including nearly 70 million shoppers’ email and other personal information also stolen from a separate system during the security breach.

Target has advised its customers to check their statements carefully. If there are any suspicious charges, report it to your creditors and call Target at (866) 852-8680.

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