Gay teen tortured and killed in Brazil

Kaique Batista dos Santos
Gay Star News

Tragedy struck in Sao Paolo, Brazil earlier this month when a gay teen was tortured and murdered outside the stadium that will host the World Cup opening ceremony in the summer.

According to Gay Star News, 16-year-old Kaique Batista dos Santos’s body was found battered, with his teeth pulled out and a metal bar pierced in his leg, near around a mile from the stadium on Saturday, Jan. 12.

Oddly enough, authorities initially believed that the young teen had committed suicide. However, it’s now believed that he was targeted by a group of “skinheads” who brutally tortured and murdered him for being gay.

Two days prior to the discovery of his body, Batista dos Santos had attended a party with friends at a gay club in downtown Sao Paulo, where his phone and wallet were stolen. When his friends were unable to find him later on in the night, they initially thought that he had gone home early because he had to work in the morning.

However, when he didn’t come home or show up for work, Batista do Santos’ mother and sister went looking for him. Tragically, his family was horrified and heartbroken when his body was discovered. Reports claim that his body was so disfigured that it wasn’t until three days later that his family could identify his body.

His sister, Tayna, spoke on the tragedy, saying, “These thugs enjoy beating and torturing with their bare hands and they are pleased to take the lives of homosexuals.”

“He had bruises to his head and was probably kicked to death,” she added.

Gay rights groups held a vigil for Batista dos Santos, in which they marched from Largo do Arrouche – a square in the city – to where the body was found.

The Department of Public Safety said it would not comment on the torture because the report is “confidential.”

We hope that the people who are responsible for this young man’s death are brought to justice and that the violence against the LGBT community will cease and give way to peace among all people.

Check out some other tragic hate crimes below. – nicholas robinson

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