Richard Sherman’s TV rant will net him millions in endorsements


Unlike previous generations, acting “ratchet” on television and wilding out in public often pays huge dividends. As in millions of dollars. NeNe Leakes did it. The family of Keyshia Cole and others also wrote the modern playbook on capitalizing on “acting crazy” and current NFL superstar Richard Sherman stands to cash in on the proven model.

In recent days we’ve seen major news networks break out of coverage like CBS, CNN and ESPN to broadcast Sherman’s press conference. Now that the narrative about Sherman has been changed dramatically from an out-of-control “thug” to an impassioned All-Pro superstar and Stanford graduate with a 3.9 GPA, Sherman is about to break open the vault on commercials, pundits predict.

Now it’s being reported by CNN Money that the brash and flamboyant defensive cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks stands to make upwards of $5 million dollars in endorsements thanks to his loud rant-laced interview with Erin Andrews after his defensive play defeated the San Franciso 49ers and sent his Seahawks to the 2014 Super Bowl.

“Richard Sherman could stand to make about $5 million in endorsements — all because of his 15-second rant moments after helping the Seattle Seahawks get to the Super Bowl,” the news outlet reported. 

Sherman already had an endorsement deal with popular headphone maker, Beats by Dre prior to the widely popular interview, but it was rarely aired. After the NFC Championship game, the commercial ran nonstop, particularly on ESPN. Endorsement prognosticators predict that Sherman stands to make many more millions, particularly if he plays well and the Seahawks win the Super Bowl.

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