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Teens steal MARTA bus in Atlanta


Teens steal MARTA bus in Atlanta

When teens have nothing to do many times they create mischief. But it was mayhem that was created when teens in Atlanta took a MARTA bus for a joyride.  Jamair Moore and Harrison Crawford, both 18 not only stole the bus but recorded it all on a cell-phone.  The bus was stolen from the Atlanta transportation agency’s Heavy Maintenance Area which should have been secured.  The teens were able to breach a security fence and damage several buses that were awaiting repair at the facility.

Although they did not leave the maintenance yard, video shows the pair zooming around the area in the heavy passenger bus.  Fortunately no one was hurt during the prank; however it did cause concern among the MARTA drivers and workers.  At the Atlanta IBEW, which represents MARTA maintenance workers, union president Curtis Howard, stated  “MARTA receives Homeland Security funds, so we want to know why they can’t protect these bus operators, the garages and facilities.”  The teenagers will be charged with criminal trespassing, interference with government property and criminal damage. A MARTA spokesman issued the following statement,

“Although no one was hurt, MARTA has increased police patrols at all bus facilities and is conducting a thorough review of its current security measures.”

Teenage crime has been an issue with the transportation agency in the past, normally theft and fighting. But the actual stealing of a bus is a first for MARTA.