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UK newspaper calls Beyoncé a ‘wh*re’

Beyonce - Whore Mag Cover

Sultry, seductive and risqué are certainly words that have been used to describe Beyoncé during her erotic performance of “Drunk In Love” at Sunday night’s Grammy awards. But according to a U.K. newspaper, the more appropriate word to describe her is apparently “w—e.”

Yesterday, news began spreading about U.K. publication Metro and its controversial new story about Beyoncé’s Grammys performance, which features the shocking headline “W—- Beyoncé angers parents with raunchy act.”

Whore Beyonce Cover-001

According to Metro, horrified parents were outraged by Beyonce’s performance with Jay Z, in which she writhed on a chair and twerked in semi-sheer bodysuit, nipple pasties and sexy bandage underwear. The publication claims that, since then, Bey has been dubbed a “w—e” by angry fans who say the pop superstar went too far and too raunchy for the Grammys.

“Bey was hit with a barrage of criticism on the web when she took a leaf out of Rihanna’s book by spreading her legs on a chair in a G-string before she came undone during an apparent wardrobe malfunction.

Horrified viewer Mandy Flores wrote on Facebook: ‘Aren’t u a mother now!!? Thought u had class, how trashy and I couldn’t even let my 8 year old watch. U have never done anything like that! So disappointed.’

Others quickly reached for the remote control, with JJ Boogie tweeting: ‘Opening Grammy song performance inappropriate for young children. Thank you Beyonce. #ChannelChange.’

Another horrified woman said the 32-year-old mum looked like a ‘wh*re on stage’ at the Staples Center in LA.”

It’s one thing to report the comments and thoughts of the people, but it’s clearly an entirely different issue when a publication blatantly calls a woman a “w—e.” And considering all of the hyper-sexed performances and photos we’ve seen from artists like Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, and Rihanna, we’d say that Bey’s performance was pretty tame, albeit also pretty hot.

Check out some other instances where publications took things too far below. – nicholas robinson


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  1. Carmen on January 29, 2014 at 10:36 pm

    Soooooo white women….Miley, Brittney,Christina, MADONNA all smiles. But black women are whores???????

    • FromQueen2Common on January 31, 2014 at 2:28 pm

      Well all know none of them have nearly the amount of $ex appeal as her. you can get away with all that twerking and grinding around when you’re built like a little boy.. BW bring it on a whole different level..

  2. FromQueen2Common on January 31, 2014 at 2:26 pm

    Tis what happens when you start running out of creativity.. She could easily coast now on her actual singing, but instead she’s reaching to stay relevant by stooping down to Riri and Miley’s level…smh