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Azealia Banks declares herself the best woman in hip-hop

azealiabanksAzealia Banks has thrown down the gauntlet. The brash emcee from Harlem took to Twitter to voice her opinion on the current crop of female rappers, and she made it clear that she feels that she stands alone and above all competitors. Banks tweeted that she feels that she has separated herself from other young female rappers by not following trends.

“I’m the best female in hip-hop. Sorry, not sorry,” she tweeted. I’m better than most of you n—as too. Real Talk.”

Banks has had highly publicized feuds with other up-and-coming female rappers like Iggy Azalea, Angel Haze, established stars like Lil Kim and the current female hip-hop superstar, Nicki Minaj. Banks says that too many others are attempting to mimic Minaj’s formula.

“I’m the only new female rapper with her own voice. All the other girls are doing the post-nicki minaj thing,” she added in a later tweet.

Banks has been prepping her highly anticipated debut album for release, but recently complained about problems with her label, Universal. Over the past two years, she’s generated tremendous amounts of media attention due to her unfiltered social media posts and numerous high-profile feuds with fellow celebrities.

Check out her declaration on Twitter below:


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