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In the life: Stories of sex workers and choices

In The Life

In the Life: Choices of Sex Workers in Atlanta

Continuing our series on sex workers, we sat down with Miss Dallas, 38, a black professional escort and pageant competitor in the Atlanta metro scene. Paris advertises on Craigslist as an independent escort for upscale gentlemen. Dallas is transgendered, which is considered a fetish among many men.

rolling out: How long have you been in the life?

Dallas:  I would say I’ve been doing this on the “down Low” about 13-14 years. Even though I’m transgendered, I consider myself more straight than anything. I don’t have gay friends and I don’t like gay porn. I’m just not into the stereotypical gay life.

rolling out:  And how did you start out?

Dallas: First, I come from a good family. My parents are professionals and do not know about my side business. My main reason for starting out was to support my career in pageant competition.

rolling out: Can you explain that please?

Dallas:  Pageants for transgendered individuals occur all the time, some private some public.

rolling out:  Have you won any?

Dallas:  Of course!

rolling out: Tell me about the clients that you see.

Dallas: My clients are an equal mix of upscale white gentlemen and black gentlemen. I would  say they do not consider themselves gay.

rolling out: What do they generally want?

Dallas: Honey anything I can provide. I am what is called versatile so I am a top and a bottom. But I prefer to be a bottom submissive. The white guys like me to be more dominant, the black guys want more submissive.  I dress up, and provide a clean, safe and drug free environment.

rolling out: What has been your main issues with your clients?

Dallas: My main issue is with the black guys. They do not want to use a condom. But I’m totally about safe sex. I will not have sex without a condom. And when I get black guys who don’t want to use condoms, I don’t trust them at all. That means they are willing to do anything, and many of them come into my place with wedding rings on their hands. I think to myself not only don’t I want to catch something but you are really lowdown if you go around having sex without a condom in this day and age.

rolling out: How much do you charge?

Dallas:  First off, I don’t charge –I accept donations.  All the money I get from doing this goes into my pageant fund. I actually keep track of all money and claim it as a write off on my taxes.  But I get donations of $100.00 and up.

rolling out:  This seems like a dangerous job for you.

Dallas:  It can be but I have not had a problem because I choose with whom I do business. I entertain clients in my home–not a hotel. I have friends who have been in rooms where there or 4 or 5 guys who want to run a train. And because your transgendered that stuff does not get reported.

rolling out:  Is there anything you want our readers to know?

Dallas:  I’m transgendered and I am a human being. Be kind to every person because you do not know their story.

 rolling out: Thank you for your time.