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Actor Michael B. Jordan talks new comedy, says he was ‘tired of dying’

People-Michael B Jordan

It’s safe to say that Michael B. Jordan’s star and stock are quickly rising in Hollywood.

But after an eye opening and gut wrenching turn as Oscar Grant in the acclaimed film Fruitvale Station, Jordan felt it was time for a change of pace. In addition to adding a little variety to his resume, Jordan had another motive for looking for a comedy like his latest film, That Awkward Moment, that he could sink his teeth into.

“I was tired of dying (in movies)! I was doing a lot of dramas, and I wanted to switch things up a little bit, and this was the opportunity to do it,” said Jordan at the movie’s Jan. 27 premiere to Variety Magazine.

That Awkward Moment could be described as a “bromantic” comedy about three friends (Jordan, Zac Efron, and Miles Teller) who go to amazing lengths to hide their budding relationships from the other guys after making a pact with each other to swear off women for a while.

Co-star Teller can attest for the need for a variety of roles in his young career.

“I’m lucky enough to where I do have an appetite for both and people want to cast me in both. I just love both. It’s like my own appetite. If I do one thing too much I have to switch it up,” says Teller.

That Awkward Moment is in theaters now.