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Super Bowl XLVIII: Peyton Manning’s legacy takes beating after blowout loss

peyton12He is often called the greatest regular season quarterback of all time whose record-setting career has been besmirched by his substandard playoff record.

Peyton Manning shattered longstanding regular-season records for touchdowns and passing yards, yet was rendered impotent, bruised and confused by the swarming Seattle Seahawks defense that lowered the boom — courtesy of the self-titled “Legion of Boom” — in a 43-8 blowout in Super Bowl XLV III that was really over at halftime.peyton10

While some fans forgive Manning for an off night at the most inopportune time, and others realized that the loss was a collective team performance, many more quickly point out Manning’s spotty postseason record as an Indianapolis Colts and now with the Denver Broncos.

Take a look at some of the thoughts pouring into cyberspace following the Broncos humiliating loss to the Seahawks.

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