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Celebrity trainer JR Allen shares Mary J.’s secret to a 6-pack


After growing up as a ‘chubby’ kid, JR wasn’t focused on health and nutrition.  However, once he hit the college years, the game changed. After being called out by a college chick about his weight, his life changed forever.  JR began working out intensely and eating much healthier which has led him to the hunk of muscle he is today. Now the owner of 2daybefit, Celebrity trainer, JR Allen, is partly responsible for the amazing new body that Mary J is sporting on the cover of Shape Magazine at the age of 42. Check out how Allen helped Mary J get ripped in such a short time here.

How long have you been a personal trainer?
I have been a certified personal trainer for three years but competed in several bodybuilding competitions prior.

At what point in your life did you know this was the job for you?
I realized this was job for me when my father convinced me to go pursue it as a career because I always had a passion for health and fitness starting from when I was a child playing sports. Keeping fit and challenging my body so I can progress, in general, is the way I’ve lived my life for as long as I can remember. I tried other paths but my father helped me see this was path I should follow.

What methods do you use to motivate your clients?
I always promote the fact that we’re a team working together towards the same goal and I constantly remind my clients that their results depend on their physical effort. Typically my clients give it all they’ve got – and then some – without me having to push them but every so often when I know a client can go harder but they aren’t feeling too sure of them self, I will push them.

Which has the most impact on weight loss – diet or exercise? 
All of the above. They go hand in hand. Everybody is different but, generally, the majority of weight loss is the result of how well you feed your body. You cannot outrun late night sweets and after-work cocktails. Weight training and cardio are crucial yet a smaller part of the picture. For an effective weight loss plan, you need all three.

If you had to chose one exercise, which would be your favorite? Why? 
If I had to choose one exercise for my clients, it would be a kettle bell swing with a squat shoulder press because in one rep you target muscles in your upper and lower body.

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