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Keyshia Cole disses Boobie Gibson, again

Keyshia Cole disses Boobie Gibson

Keyshia Cole disses Boobie Gibson

Keyshia Cole is once again airing out her issues with her husband, Boobie Gibson, on Twitter. The songstress, who blasted her spouse in February 2013 and then again in September, now has a clear message for her beau; go back to Houston!

“You have to GO! Take yo a—back to H-Town! U can have him boo #Trust,” An obviously irate Cole wrote on Twitter.


Gibson is not only from Houston but is rumored to have cheated with an exotic dancer in the city named H-Town Ciara. The NBA player previously posted a photo of himself and the dancer after a night at the strip club.

Boobie Gibson and H-Town Ciara

Boobie Gibson and H-Town Ciara

Cole then tweeted about and posted Instagram messages dedicated to Gibson.

Check out more of what Cole had to say about Boobie Gibson on social media below. -danielle canada

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1 Comment

  1. ralph on February 9, 2014 at 12:13 pm

    Keisha, it seems relationships find a way of becoming a horrible experience for you.
    Liars,cheaters and thieves seems to be the norm with your choice in men. Undoubtedly, you may not be ready for what you have in mind give yourself time and happiness will find you. stop looking for the Bill Cosby TV marriage syndrome he cheated on his wife in real time too. Then again, you are not a perfect person yourself!