Disney star Selena Gomez out of rehab

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Disney star Selena Gomez joins a long list of young Hollywood starlets to surprise us with a stint in rehab. Shortly after the New Year’s holiday, sources say that Gomez, 21, checked into a program at The Meadows called DAWN — for alcohol, pot and Rx Ambien. — and what her people believed was an unhealthy union with Justin Bieber.

Two weeks in however, Gomez checked herself out of rehab to attend the Sundance Film Festival for her upcoming movie, with the promise to return once her promo tour was over. But when the curtain closed and Sundance rapped up it’s annual festival, the pop singer decided that she was cured and that there was no reason for further treatment.

Despite the guidance of The Meadows medical staff Gomez bailed four weeks early from the 45-day program which friends and staff continue to say is essential for full recovery.

Selena continues to stand by her decision saying that she completed the toughest week, “survivor’s week,” so no worries. For Selena’s case, we sincerely hope that she will return to rehab to complete her therapy. – ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie

R. Hawkins
R. Hawkins

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