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Indiana Pacer Paul George responds to stripper claims


Earlier this week, rumors circulated that Indiana Pacer Paul George has joined the likes of Dwyane Wade and Ludacris by impregnating his side chick while in a long-term relationship (with a gorgeous volleyball player from the University of Florida). According to reports, the NBA All-star impregnated Daniela, a former stripper, while dating the daughter of LA Clippers head coach Doc Rivers, Callie Rivers.

George allegedly began creeping with Daniela last summer while in a relationship with Callie. Upon discovering that his stripper side chick was pregnant, George allegedly offered the woman $1 million to have an abortion.

Daniela, who is now seven months pregnant, refused the money (of course) and prepares to have George’s child. But could it all be a lie? According to George, it’s just a half truth…

Paul, who just signed a $90 million contract with the Pacers, denies he ever offered Daniela money for an abortion, but in the same sentence, says that the child may very well be his.

He said, “If and when there is legal confirmation that I am the father, I will fully embrace my responsibilities. This is a personal matter that is still being sorted out, so I hope you can respect my privacy. ”

Better get that checkbook out, George. Things are about to get real! – ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie