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Ma$e wanted to fight J. Cole: ‘I was going to hit him’

MTV TRL VMA Special Edition

Veteran hip-hop star Ma$e was asked about beefs, disses and who he does and does not have an issue with in hip-hop. The former Bad Boy star revealed that he did have hard feelings towards a young star that he felt had bad-mouthed him in his music. According to Ma$e, he felt slighted by Roc Nation rapper J. Cole–and he was not happy about it.

Speaking to 107.5 FM in Detroit, Ma$e admitted that he wanted to punch Cole.

“I like J. Cole too when he’s not taking shots at me,” he said.

Ma$e says that he ran into Cole, and had to think twice before an altercation occurred.

“I saw him one day, I was going to hit him,” Ma$e revealed. “But I was too grown to be knocking light-skinned people out. But I really like him as an artist. When I saw him I was like, ‘Oh he a kid, he don’t get it [laughs].'”

Ma$e also addressed long-standing rumors regarding his somewhat complicated friendship with fellow Harlem natives Cam’ron and Jim Jones.

“I did speak to Jim, we supposed to be working together, that’s really dope,” Ma$e said. “And me and [Cam’ron] going to work together at some point. It’s all love.”

Ma$e also made it clear that, despite Diddy’s somewhat-notorious reputation for financially shorting the artists he’s had on his Bad Boy label, he was one label star that was financially taken care of.

“I’m the only artist that actually got paid by Puff (Daddy), like really paid,” he said. “Puff would tell you I got really, really paid. Puff wanna give me another check and I’m going to take it.”