Nike releases Air Yeezy, snubs Kanye West?


Possibly taking a cue from Beyoncé, the thought to be dead in the water Air Yeezy II: Red October shoes were made available on Feb. 9.

The thing about the release of the shoes is, it was done with little to no warning, and even Kanye may have had no clue at all. And knowing Kanye, he’ll soon have something to say about that.

West, who after falling out with Nike, went on to sign a lucrative deal with adidas, had all but given up on the shoe seeing the light of day.

As seen in the picture below, the shoes, listed for $245 are described as having “a modern take on classic features.” In what is possibly an intentional snub to Kanye, the site makes absolutely no mention of his name.



Incredibly, a mere 11 minutes elapsed between the time Nike tweeted that the shoes were now available and their follow-up tweet announcing that the shoes had sold out.

yeezy sold out

If by chance you are interested in owning a pair of Air Yeezy II: Red October, you can be sure they’ll surface on other avenues soon for horribly inflated prices. Check out what they are currently going for on ebay.

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