Comcast to purchase Time-Warner for $45.1 billion


The largest merger in the history of cable will create the biggest cable company in the nation and will soon take place if approved by federal regulators. Comcast is planning to purchase the stock of Time-Warner Holdings for an estimated $45.1 billion. This will mean a dramatic shift in the way that information is shared on the internet. As cable providers, Comcast and Time Warner have dominated the market for years, smashing all competition in major urban areas. But the acquisition of Time-Warner will allow access to its vast storehouse of content that appears on the internet and print media. Pricing plans should either remain the same or change as customers of both companies will now share data access and accessibility to the internet.

Comcast will have to drop 3 million of its customers and give these accounts to other cable providers, but no deal has been set for this process. If you’re a Comcast account holder in a major region, you will keep your Comcast service. If you’re a Time-Warner customer, you will now be a Comcast customer.

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