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Mathew Knowles’ baby mama on food stamps; he hasn’t paid child support

alexsandra-wrightBeyoncé’s father, Mathew Knowles, is allegedly so far behind on child support payments to the mother of his child that she is now destitute and has to revert to food stamps to sustain herself.

Alexsandra Wright  hasn’t reportedly seen a red cent from Mathew Knowles since TMZ posted the story back in December when he allegedly owed $24,000 in back support and claimed it was an accounting error.

The total has now swelled to $32,135.90, the entertainment blog reports.

Wright is now on public assistance and only receives $300 a month on a state-issued EBT card to pay for food and other expenses.

Wright reportedly reached out to the court for help. But the judge has yet to rule on how to reconcile this growing problem.

No word on whether Beyoncé will come to her father’s rescue. If you recall, Queen Bey’s relationship with Mathew Knowles was strained tremendously after it was revealed that her father’s illicit affair produced a love child, resulting in mother Tina Knowles filing for divorce. Beyonce had also finally fired her father as her manager, something that is not uncommon with child superstars once they reach adulthood.


  1. Morgan on February 15, 2014 at 3:04 pm

    I’m sorry but if you can’t support yourself and a child, you shouldn’t have them…DUH!!! I mean where did he find her..behind the register at McDonald’s?!?? Close your legs to married men! And always use protection if you’re not ready for the responsibility of children. Common sense is not so common these days smh