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Rick Ross says Jeezy beef was ‘a lot of misconfusion’

Rick Ross & Young Jeezy - BET Feud Cover
Rick Ross and Jeezy fans were surprised when the two rappers, who had been feuding for years, finally set aside their differences. The pair appeared on the track “War Ready,” a song slated to be included on Ross’ upcoming album, Mastermind. In a new interview with Huffington Post Live, Ross dismisses the bad blood as just “misconfusion.”

“It was a lot of misconfusion at the end of the day because me and his personally never had an issue and I think that was one of the reasons we were able to really resolve this problem because we never really personally had an issue,” Rick Ross says. “Amongst bosses, you know we like to call it ‘That rapper stuff.’ Real bosses get over that and that’s what we did and I’m happy we was able to do that and set the examples for some of the younger bosses that’s coming up and let ‘em know it’s all about making that positive progress.”

“We had past differences and you know we put that to the side, being true bosses, and to do something big for the culture, which is bigger than both of us,” Rick Ross explains. “Here we have it, ‘War Ready.’”

“MMG and Ricky Rozay, I’m expanding and getting bigger every day,” he adds. “It’s a lot of other entrepreneurs that’s doing the same and Jeezy is one, so it was just time for us to come together. Let’s capitalize and something big happen for the game, for Hip Hop for the culture and we may be doing something else. You never know.”