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Charlamagne claps back at Kanye West


Charlamagne isn’t taking Kanye’s words lying down!

As you know last week during a stop for his Yeezus tour, Kanye went on a rant about radio hosts and name checked Sway Calloway and Charlamagne.

Well Charlamagne isn’t having it. The MTV2 host responded to Yeezy’s verbal attack on his popular radio show, The Breakfast Club, saying he thinks Kanye is acting like a “single, bitter b**ch”.

Charlamagne wants to know where those feelings were when Kanye visited his show a few months ago.

“If you felt that way and you sat here in this studio for over an hour and didn’t say none of that. But, now three to four months later, you ranting about me again.”

Check out the video below of Charlamagne’s response.