Richie Incognito’s ‘shooting black people’ texts are revealed

richie incognito2

After bellowing to any media outlet or audience that he could get to convince them that he was not a racist, former Miami Dolphin Richie Incognito’s text messsages that were uncovered by independent NFL investigation contradict that stance in every conceivable way.

Turns out that the private investigator the NFL hired, famed attorney Ted Wells, conducted a comprehensive examination of Richie Incognito which included the toxic Dolphins locker room and his interactions with other players to see if Incognito’s bullying was possibly racially motivated, reports CBS Sports. And it looks like Incognito has some more explaining to do.

Among Wells’ findings was a December 2012 text conversation with an unnamed former Dolphin where Incognito jokes about shooting black people. Twice.

Here’s the excerpt from the report.

On December 13, 2012, Incognito and a former Dolphins offensive lineman, who is white, communicated about purchasing guns, apparently for recreational purposes. (We identify this former Dolphin as Player B.) The discussion veered into jokes about shooting black people:

Player B: Especially if u plan living in Arizona in the future, that’s exactly what you want

Incognito: Yea. For picking off zombies

Player B: Lol isn’t that why we own any weapons!?

Incognito: That and black people

Player B: Mmm def all black ppl

Four days later, Incognito and Player B discussed rifle scopes in text messages.

Player B: Yes. That’s a solid optic made specifically for a .308 battle rifle

Incognito: Perfect for shooting black people

Player B: Lol exactly

Player B: Or Jeff Ireland

Well, well, well … Richie Incognito forgot to include this inflammatory set of text messages about “shooting black people,” that he carried on privately with another white player, when he was pleading/squirming/groveling in front of the media to convince the world that was not a racist but was just engaging in normal NFL locker room banter.

Let’s see how Incognito gets/pays his PR firm to spin this one.

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