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Erica and Tina Campbell of ‘Mary Mary’ dish on season 3 of their reality show


Mary Mary talk reality show, personal drama

The ladies of gospel duo Mary Mary will mark their return to television Thursday, February 27 with what is being called the most intense season of their reality show. After previously announcing to the world that her husband was unfaithful, Tina Campbell will give fans a birds-eye view of how the devastating news affects her marriage. As for her sister Erica, she will struggle to balance supporting her sibling through the crisis and launching a solo career, which at one point was heavily criticized by fans.

Below the women, talk their personal drama and their reality show.

rollingout: Tina you bravely told fans that your husband was unfaithful, will you talk further about it on the show?

Tina: You will see me living it, which is what the show is going to consist of. I found out about my life and I made a decision based on what I know. I have to see what it looks like being played out and you all will get to see it all in real time.

rollingout: What has been the fan response to the infidelity news?

Erica: Mostly the response has been absolutely wonderful. We are public figures so your ups and downs are played out in front of the world. I think one thing that will be beneficial is that we are people of faith, not people of perfection. We have always been focused on being honest; we are executive producers on our show. It [the show] will not be easy to watch, I will say that.

rollingout:  Ultimately, what do you want fans to get from this season of “Mary Mary”?

Erica: That you can survive anything. You can go through hell but you don’t have to stay there and that you can have the worst things happen to you and you can achieve anything you want in life. And finally, you get to see how real is your faith.

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