Lolo Jones bashed anew after bobsled team’s poor outing in Sochi Olympics


Just uttering Lolo Jones’s name causes a state change in many people. She has been thoroughly and chronically denounced by a legion of Olympic fans and colleagues alike for being an over-hyped track star who failed to earn any Olympic medals.

The blowback began anew when Jones, one of the most recognized athletes of the recent summer Olympics, was chosen for the USA bobsled team for Sochi Winter Olympics over what many considered were more qualified, if not more battle-tested, colleagues. And the shots were fired from within her sport:

“I get that people want to latch on to a media sensation and run wild,” Former Olympic bobsled member Chuck Berkeley told The Associated Press, referring to Jones. “But it comes down to this: There are athletes who deserve to be there who are not there, on the women’s and the men’s sides. You have to ask yourself why is that the case. What is wrong with the selection process? Why is it flawed? Why is it corrupt?”

When the bobsled team including Jones failed in their efforts to stand on the podium, the cacophony of criticism was ear-busted on social media. Take a look at what some of her most vocal critics had to say:

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