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Why R. Kelly might finally go to jail


It’s not for the reasons you might think.

As previously reported here at ro, it seems the R-ruh is in deep to his ex-wife, Andrea Kelly for back child support.

After falling behind on his payments last year to the tune of over $100K, then catching up, it seems the “Black Panties” singer has fallen behind again. This time Kelly owes a little over 20 grand, but the judge says enough is enough.

After Kelly failed to appear at a separate child custody hearing in November, combined with his missed payments, if he misses his next court date of March 27, the judge has sent word that Kellz could get anywhere from 30 days to six months in jail.

According to a source close to the case, Kelly has little, to no wiggle room and could be in real trouble if he fails to show this time.

“The judge was clear in November that he wasn’t happy R. Kelly didn’t show up,” says the source. “His lawyer is worried the judge could lock Kelly up if he doesn’t show this time, but he can’t reach his client.”


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  1. Tina on February 20, 2014 at 2:06 pm

    It’s about time this disgusting excuse of a man does time! It may not be for urinating on under aged girls, or having his body guard to pick up barely legal girls at McDonald’s for him as it should be, but at least he’s doing time!