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Saving Our Daughters charity under IRS audit in wake of ‘RHOA’ scandal

Kenya Moore & Saving Our Daughters - Cover

Getting airtime on a reality TV show typically comes with a high personal price and the staff of the Saving Our Daughters charity is learning that the hard way thanks to their recent feud with “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore. Just days after Moore exposed the charity for lying about her donations to them, it’s been revealed that the charity has a history of financial troubles and is now facing an IRS audit.

According to, Saving Our Daughters, which is legally recognized as Saving Our Daughters Publishing Inc., hasn’t been recognized as a charity by the IRS since May 2013, when their 501(c)3 status was revoked for its failure to file a Form 990-series tax return or notice for three consecutive years.

Notice of the revocation was public on August 12, 2013. Moore’s charity event was held in October 2013.

According to RadarOnline, during the years that Saving Our Daughters did file tax returns, the information provided to the IRS brought up several red flags.

“The charity used just $10,000 of their $108,233 revenue for grants. The head of the charity, Curtis Benjamin awarded himself a salary that was more than three times that. And the year before, they donated just $10,500 out of $84,874,” read the article.

A source for says that the IRS is planning to audit Saving Our Daughters and will freeze the bank accounts of everyone involved until they find out how much money the company is actually bringing in.

Well, we’re sure that S.O.D. is definitely regretting appearing on “RHOA,” although there problems began long before Moore exposed them.

Check out IRS documents about Saving Our Daughters legal troubles below. – nicholas robinson


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