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Alfred Wright murder update: So many questions, but leading to an answer, part 1

NBPP Alfred Wright

New Black Panther Party Nation -Seeking Justice For Alfred Wright Jr.

Rolling Out’s recent interviews with Bro. Quanell X of the New Black Panther Nation and attorney Gary Bledsoe of the Texas NAACP regarding the murder of Alfred Wright prove that there is a grave injustice being done in Texas. Wright’s mutilated body was discovered in November of 2013 after an 18 day search by community organizers and family members. Sheriff Tom Maddox called off the search after four days and tried to deter family members from their eventual search.

According to Brother Quanell X of the New Black Panther Nation, the sheriff went so far as to lie to searchers about the area where the body was found. Bro. X stated that the Sheriff indicated that the area was searched extensively, was on private property and the owner of the farm would not give his permission for another search. The family spoke to the farmer and was told that Sheriff Maddox never approached him and he never denied a request for a search. Within 40 minutes of starting that search they found Alfred Wright’s semi nude body. His teeth were knocked out, his ear was missing, and his throat was cut. In addition, his body was found face down and part of his tongue was cut off; however, the official autopsy stated no significant trauma and oddly noted that the cause of death was a drug overdose. The medical examiner explained that the damage to the body was due to animal activity. Unless the animals in that area can remove teeth, it just makes no sense. Further, there has never been a reported case of a possum, deer, bear or any animal cutting the throat of a human being in Texas.

A second autopsy by a forensic investigator called Wright’s death a homicide and the family appealed to the state of Texas to open an investigation. The request was denied by the Texas State Attorney General’s office with no detailed explanation.  If it were not for the US Justice Department’s recent involvement, there would be no official investigation into Wright’s death.

Brother Quanell X and many others ask a simple question: “Why is a black man’s life so undervalued in America?” Sadly, this question has been asked since our presence in America and it was only during slavery that a black man’s life had a set value and it was not cheap. To own an African slave showed you had wealth and could pass down that wealth to your family. Bro. Quanell X talks about this in an exclusive interview with Rolling Out.


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      Drug dealer indicted in death of Alfred Wright Indictment above including text messages.