Chanti McCoy: Brooklynite reps for GMG and ‘street-hop’


Chanti McCoy isn’t afraid of anything. The First Lady of GMG is standing at the edge of stardom, and her mix of sex appeal and street-hop has made her one of New York City’s most promising up-and-coming female rappers. If you’re going to roll with a rapper as brash and confrontational as Brooklyn’s Uncle Murda, you better be able to hold your own. And Chanti is more than capable. The rhymer from Coney Island isn’t afraid to make herself heard, especially in the male-dominated world of hip-hop. She says that being around a bunch of street guys has only made her more outspoken.

“I’m the female of the clique around these hooligans,” she says jokingly. “I work it out; I do my thing.”

“Being around a bunch of guys, especially a dude like Murda, it helps me with my aggressiveness and not being scared to say what the hell I want to say,” she adds, “just say it how i feel it.”

McCoy is being given her opportunity to shine on Murda’s new mixtape, the hardcore Ain’t Nothin’ Sweet. She’s featured on tracks with both Murda and fellow GMGer Keyz, and she’s given the chance to showcase her skills in full on the solo track “Stop, Drop and Pop.”

The love and support she’s gotten from Murda and the GMG family goes a long way in helping her understand the industry and polishing her own approach to her music. McCoy has love for other newcomers to the rap game. She goes out of her way to praise those whom she feels are next in line when it comes to representing the most unapologetic, street art form.

“I love what Troy Ave is doing,” says McCoy. “I love what Bodega Bamz is doing. I’m half-Latin so I love that they’re new and representing the Latin community. I love what they’re doing. And of course, I love the Jeezys and [Rick] Rosses.”

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