Curvy Chix Chariot founder declares, ‘Plus-size women need to show off their curves’

Donna Hundley black too

Enough with the face shots … show me body!

Ladies, why does it seem that when it comes to plus-size women, the majority of our pictures are face shots?  I know we live by the slogan “Pretty in the face and thick in the waist,” but, is there more to it?  I think so. As a curvy woman, I know there have been times when I take a picture and just don’t like the way that extra “lovin” in my tummy area decided to smile for the camera. However, I am declaring an end to the shame and beginning to fall in love with my curves.  As curvy women, we need to learn to embrace our beauty, show our curves, and stand tall in a delicious outfit that complements it all!

So if you are reading this and nodding your head in agreement, or have ever posted a picture of your face only because of you’re not really happy with how your body looks, I am asking you to stand with me! Make a pledge that you will proudly show all of your fabulousness in your outfit from head to toe!  Say it after me: I LOVE EVERY CURVE and I’m not ashamed to show it! Add a belt to a straight dress to give the illusion of an hourglass figure or put a pretty scarf around your neck to draw attention away from where you don’t want people to look.  No matter what, realize the importance of accepting all of you!

To start off, I’ve posted a full body picture of myself!  I had to search hard because I had mostly face shots! Let me see yours!

Donna Hundley, CEO of Curvy Chix Chariot, Washington, D.C.’s first fashion truck for plus size women

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