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Marjorie Harvey and Rihanna take over Paris Fashion Week: Instagram invasion

Rihanna Paris Fashion Week Instagram Joi Pearson Rolling Out-1

Rihanna and Marjorie Harvey have taken over Paris Fashion Week! #PFW Instagram photos show off their fashions and follow them from one runway show to another. Check out a few of their looks in the gallery.   –Joi Pearson @joiapearson


  1. kelly on March 15, 2014 at 12:49 pm

    there is somthing really strang about mary harvey , she looks enough like shaq ex hoopz to be sisters or mother … but thats no the issue with her. has she stop to realize that people are talkin about her colorful husband as being suspect , and downlow and using her as a ovious beard , if he wasnt steve harvey she never would have took the bate …even from back in the day when he waswith kings of comedy the rumors was flying then ,i just didnt want to believe it but IM CONVIENCED !! THIS NIG…R IS OFF THE HOOK .ALL THOSE FLAMING HOT SUITE AND TIES ..LOL .. ALL HIS FEMALE JESTURES WHEN HE TALKS ..AND THE BIGGIEST KEY IS THE FACT HE ALWAYS IN SOME FEMALES BUSINESS TRYIN TO TELL US …how a man want us to be and dont want us .how does he know all this only men i know who study women are G…AYS LOL …..BLACK WOMEN HAVE ALWAYS BEEN IN THEDARK BOUT DOWNLOW MEN . AND ITS NO WONDER HIV SPREADS AMONG BLACK FEMALES SO RAMPIT .. ONE OF MY FEMALE RELATIVES GOT PLUM MADD WHEN I TOLD HER TYLER PERRY WAS A DOWNLOW … SHE SAID NO WAY … HE AND STEVE ARE GOOD MEN?> YES THEY ARE TOO DAM GOOD .. just the way steve did marry is so in line with a gay actions .. he knew exactly what to do to down size her sure she treated to out him ,,BUT WAS AFFRAID OF THE IMPACT ON HER SON …. LOL …YOU SEE? STEVE HARVEY HAS HOLLYWOOD LIGHT TO DIM HIS FLAME , BUT IT WILL NOT BURN FOR LONG …. dont dislike him…i think he should stop playin women with his lieing books ….and deceptful persona …
    margie just like mary said you aint got nothing … so why should she cry …. only reason mary even put up a fight is cause he attempted to leave her with nothing …. and margie reap the benefits of years of holding him down ..ANY OF US WOULD BE PISSED SO WHY IS IT BLACK WOMEN TURN THE CHEEK TO THIS …LOOK IN STEVE AUDIENCE ON HIS SHOW ,,NOT ANY YOUNG BLACK FEMALES JUST OLD DESPERAT FOR A MAN CHURCH WOMEN … OLD FEMALE WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING …… 50-UP IN AGE …..

    • Veonka on October 11, 2014 at 11:05 pm

      I don’t understand why he did his former wife Mary the way he did, and put this wife up so high. Mary was with him when he wasn’t the Steve Harvey we know today, and he was cheating on her wit the wife he have now. I just wondering what makes a man do one woman sooooooooooooooo wrong and do the next woman right? He didn’t buy Mary Rolls Royce, but he buys one for this wife. What is this wife doing so great? Mr. Harvey stated that there is a woman that a man is willing to change for, but it doesn’t have to be the way that he’s done it! I know that this make Mary feel bad, to see how he mow over this wife, but he didn’t do that for Mary. I pray that Mary can get some peace from this, and that his present wife is at peace with it also, and pray for forgiveness for the part that she had in it! May God’s Grace and Mercy follow them forevermore!

  2. butterbeanbabe on October 16, 2014 at 7:36 pm

    i know why he did mary so bad he want a woman that men would think he would be crazy to be gay on .. mary wasnt pretty enough for him gay men usually go for the hottest looking chick and margie was it .. why he treat margie so good is to dispell all rumors of him being a dog .. you know his book talk against doggish men who drop women for other women but what about the DOWNLOW BROTHES WHO DROP WOMEN FOR MEN Y OU DIDNT SEE HIM ADDRESSNG THAT ..HE NEVA EVEN WARNS WOMEN BOUT DOWNLOW .. THATS TO CLOSE TO HOME FOR HIM …
    HE TREATS MARGIE LIKE A PRINCESS SO PEOPLE WILL FINALLY CALL HIM A GOOD MAN .. THAT is a lie when he said there is only one kind of woman a man will give all to.. . a christian man dont talk like that . a gay one do ….. they know how to charm your ass and stabb you in the back to .. femine characteristics that women always miss

    he is conning and clever and most can not see what i mean …people to busy looking at his accomplishments to see the dirty part of him he aint no saint by no means

    what margie fail to realize is all bullshit has an expiration date and i hope she save her money from that account he gave her cause then you will see just how gay he is .. you saw how he fought mary like a bitch …. men usually give in and let the woman have some of the possession from the marriage .. that fa..g took the house car and all BUT YET HE WANT PEOPLE OUT HER TO LOVE HIM LIKE HE BILL COSBY OR SOMEONE MISSS ME PLEASE HE IS A DOWNLOW DOGGIE ..