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Nick Gordon reveals fight with Whitney Houston’s nephew

Nick Gordon - Cover

Drama seems to follow Nick Gordon wherever he goes, especially when it involves the rest of wife Bobbi Kristina’s dysfunctional Houston family members. Unfortunately, that was the case recently when Gordon revealed that he’s embroiled in a major beef with the rest of the Houston family and that he almost got into a fight with Whitney Houston’s nephew.

The drama all began on Twitter when Gordon began blasting the Houston family, claiming that they all became fake after Whitney’s death.

Nick Gordon - Houston Twitter Beef-002

Of course, Whitney’s nephew, Gary Houston, the son of her brother Michael didn’t take kindly to Gordon’s claims and he proceeded to blast the young reality star on Twitter.

Gary Houston - Nick Beef 1-002

Sadly, the Twitter beef didn’t end there and the two men continued to blast each other online while revealing more details about their fight. Find out what they had to say about each other after the cut. – nicholas robinson


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