‘Basketball Wives L.A.’ stars Draya and Sundy argue at Oscars event

Draya & Sundy - Cover

Usually, reality TV stars save their beefs with each other for the cameras. But this past weekend, “Basketball Wives L.A.” enemies Draya Michele and Sundy Carter took their real-life beef off (Vh1) camera and got into a heated yelling match at an Uptown Magazine pre-Oscars party.

HipHollywood.com, which filmed the argument and whose sources say that Michele confronted Carter about disparaging comments she’s made about her to the press recently. Things quickly escalated and the two began yelling at each other as Michele’s BFF Malaysia Pargo stood close to keep watch over the fight.

Although most of the yelling is inaudible, fans can make out Michele yelling to Carter repeatedly, “You came to my job!”

Sources claim that Michele brought on the beef thanks to her inflated ego, but Carter has certainly done her part to stir the pot after she recently told the site that Michele is a “w—-” and a former stripper and should own up to it.

Thankfully, Michele and Carter didn’t swing any punches, but sources say the two women will eventually fight in front of Vh1 cameras later in the season.

This seems like another case of two women in the same boat, on the same show, feuding for no good reason other than ego and desperation for airtime. But this isn’t the first time it’s happened. Check out some other famous reality TV beefs below. – nicholas robinson




Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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