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Celebrity Photos » Beyoncé shares more photos from Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

Beyoncé shares more photos from Mrs. Carter Show World Tour


As Beyoncé and her sold out Mrs. Carter Show World Tour continues their travels throughout the U.K., the Queen Bee keeps her fans around the world in the loop, with almost daily snaps via Instagram.

From precious moments of her and hubby Jay Z flirting on stage, to priceless performance pics, the “Flawless” singer sure knows how to keep your attention.

Hit the flip for more behind-the-scenes photos of Bey’s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour below. – ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie

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1 Comment

  1. kelly on March 11, 2014 at 7:36 pm

    I WONDER do beyonce ever out do herself since there is no one else to out do here lol … i like beyonce a lot … because even if your use to be a hater ,she manage to prove us all wrong ..could she really just be a hard working girl ? who wants to secure her family dont fall after she breaks a leg and cant perform … she is not a good singer ,but a hell of a performer ,so she cant stand there like yolanda adams and deliver a soul stirring song …lol ..but she can shake it like a salt shaker till she cant sake no more and as long as men cosign that she is the sexxxiest … female out here over any white star or black to .we just gotta take a back seat ..and swollow …. beyonce is famous cause she has an ability to keep us questing … what she gona take off next like a UMMM? HA? STRIP SHOW SORT OF ….. AND she actually did the ultimate that we all was waiting for a strip dance at the music awards show ..this year … i said dam ! she is no shame beyonce now .. SO THE CEILING IS THE CLIMB …NO MORE PLACES UP TO GO ….. JAY Z IS JUST RIDING ALONG FOR THE RIDE …. man he is a aging rapper .the worst fear of rappers today ….. cool mo dee , krs one , and all the ones who come up in the 80s are resting like nursing home residents …lol … but its funn to see him at 40 be so hip and in tune with a wife who is still relativly young …. but sometime a little to young to try and compete with strippers??? ummmm not sure if what i said made since even .. or am i still drinking from the same hater rade juggg the other haters drinking from .. this is fun to watch …. god for bid anything happen to either of them ..cause at the end of the day you cant say they didnt love and respect each other talent ……. just so sad …..