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The Game calls out TMZ


After denying dating Khloe Kardashian, but admitting to very briefly dating Kim, The Game thought he had set the record straight and put all the drama to bed. He and Kanye West are friends.  Hence, the following tweets show that it’s obvious The Game doesn’t wanna rock the boat and cause an unnecessary stir.

game 1

But then TMZ  goes and ups the ante by posting a horrible version of Ray J’s “I Hit It First” with a badly pasted in verse from The Game that tried to make it seem as if he recorded a verse for the song and insinuated having sex with Kim before Kanye West as well.

Once again, The Game used Twitter to speak his peace (and, of course, deny recording the song).


One has to wonder if the brass at TMZ have it in for the rapper. By the looks of it, with this hodgepodge of a song they tried to pass off as authentic, no level is too low for them to stoop.