Katie Holmes to Jamie Foxx: Stop hiding our love!


This may be news to some and it may be old news to others, but Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are an item.

As reported by rolling out a few months ago, the couple has been keeping their love thing on the low, but Holmes is ready to finally let the world know and is pressuring Foxx to get with the program.

“She wants them to move in together. She’s madly in love,” a source tells us.

So what’s the problem?

Well, the problem goes by the name of Tom Cruise.

Foxx and Cruise have been friends for more than a decade since working together on their 2004 movie, Collateral. We won’t say Foxx is shook to break the news to Cruise, but such a situation requires some delicacy and Foxx is not ready to rock the boat just yet.

Meanwhile Holmes thinks that they have been a little too considerate of Cruise’s feelings and is ready to get on with their life as a couple.

We’re curious to see how this one plays out. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as this story develops.

TJ Armour
TJ Armour

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