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Mathew Knowles catches break in child support lawsuit

Mathew Knowles & Alexsandra Wright - Cover

Mathew Knowles can sleep a little easier tonight. His longtime child support battle has come to an end … for now. After months of swapping insults with his baby’s mother Alexsandra Wright, over $20,ooo in back child support, a judge has sided with Knowles and drastically slashed Wright’s monthly child support payments by thousands.

You may recall that Wright was demanding $12,000 a month, which Knowles claimed he could not afford after Beyonce fired him in 2011, making his yearly income plummet from $3 million a year to nearly nothing.

According to RadarOnline,

“In documents he (Knowles) submitted to the judge, Mathew said he made $127,000 in 2013, but his monthly expenses are around $51,000 a month! Lately, he’s been liquidating his assets to stay afloat.”

Luckily for Knowles everything added up, reducing his monthly obligation to $2,485 a month. As for Wright, there has been no comment since the judgement. – ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie

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