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‘Basketball Wives L.A.’ episode 4 best moments

 Draya Reads Orlando's Text Messages

Jackie Proves That Orlando Dated Chantel

The episode picks up where things left off last week with Jackie telling Draya that her boyfriend, Orlando, dated her daughter, Chantel. Draya claims that she heard about Chantel but was told that she dated one of Orlando’s friends. Jackie says that it’s a lie and insists she has the text messages to prove it. Jackie also insists that Sundy and Malaysia, whom she invited along, stay out of it. Clearly it’s too late for that, but Draya reads the text messages anyway and discovers that they are indeed from Orlando. Sundy excitedly asks for Draya’s reaction but Draya calmly says that the messages aren’t that incriminating. Jackie claims that she told her because she wanted to be a good friend, but Draya doesn’t agree at all. Draya leaves and tells Malaysia that it’s her time to be happy and Malaysia encourages her.


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