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‘Basketball Wives L.A.’ episode 4 best moments

Draya Confronts Orlando About Chantel

Draya Confronts Orlando

After her talk with Jackie, Draya tells Orlando, who is out of town, that she misses him and he flies home just to be with her. But to his surprise, Draya brings up Chantel and her conversation with Jackie. Orlando explains that, during one of their splits, his friend hooked him up with Chantel  and they talked for a few days. Orlando invited her over to his place when he had friends over but when she arrived he wasn’t attracted to her (he describes her as chubby) and she only stayed for five minutes. Orlando says he passed Chantel off to a friend who dated her for a bit. Draya is hurt that Orlando never told her the full details about what happened with Chantel, but Orlando is apologetic. Draya claims that Orlando messes up often and that she’ll probably get gifts while she keeps her eyes on him.


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