Aretha Franklin shades Patti LaBelle at White House

Patti Labelle & Aretha Franklin - Cover

Last week’s Women of Soul concert at the White House was supposed to be about honoring the groundbreaking women of soul music and shining a light on the young kids who want to follow in their footsteps in the arts. However, where there’s light there must be, well, shade, and that shade definitely seemed to come from Aretha Franklin when she snubbed Patti LaBelle at the concert.

For years, there’s been a supposed unspoken beef between Franklin and LaBelle and fans have wondered for all of this time why the two have been feuding. And although there’s never been a clear answer about why these two legends can’t seem to get along, it was assumed that they’d put away their problems, at least for this momentous occasion.

However, it seems that Franklin wanted no peace of that bit of peace. In a video of the concert, Franklin can be seen walking through the aisles of the crowd as she makes her way to the stage. And as she comes upon LaBelle, LaBelle attempts to greet Franklin with an embrace. However, Franklin gives LaBelle what appears to be a sneer and moves her hand out of LaBelle’s reach as she continues to walk away.

Aretha Shading Patti 2

Aretha Shading Patti 1

However, it appears that Franklin has a change of heart during her performance because she decides to quickly embrace LaBelle after she walks off stage.

We’re still not sure what their beef is about but that was certainly a jaw-dropping moment of shade between two legends.

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Nicholas Robinson
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