Lil Boosie lands in the middle of Master P and C-Murder beef


All Lil Boosie wanted to do was make music now that he’s released from prison.

And while he’s certainly gotten his wish, it seems he may have been a little too eager to flood the streets with verses.

Soon after he was released, he was invited to hop on a song with C-Murder, and happily obliged. The problem is that the song Boosie essentially jumped on without looking, “Came 2 Da Can,” is a scathing diss track by C-Murder about his brother, Master P.

P  says he does want to see Boosie win, but that he is very disappointed that he got on this song.

According to P, the beef between he and C-Murder is mostly rooted in C  listening to the wrong people giving him bad ideas of what P should be doing for him while he is locked up and fighting a murder rap. P says he’s done almost everything for C, paying lawyer fees, and the whole nine and that C is just ungrateful.

Meanwhile, Boosie just wants to be out of the mess, telling “We just made some music. It’s straight. He had a record he sent me and I got on it.”

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