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50 Cent talks about Jimmy Henchman feud in new song


Some might say that 50 Cent is up to his old antics again because he has a new album on the way and he is doing what he always does best when it’s close to album time: starting some mess!

In addition to taunting Rick Ross and Diddy, and speaking out against his old G-Unit brethren, 50 has also employed the familiar tactic of recording controversial songs. Though there’s nothing as daunting or damaging as 1999’s inflammatory “Ghetto Qu’ran,” 50’s new song “Hold On” will do nothing for peace efforts with him and rival, James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond.

The 50-Rosemond feud has been longstanding and relatively dormant as of late, but Rosemond’s recent trial for the attempted murder of one of 50’s associates has rekindled things.

In the song, 50 touches on past incidents, including Tony Yayo slapping Rosemond’s son, and the subsequent shooting of Yayo’s mother’s home. Check out these lyrics.

On the phone I heard Ya smacked the s— outta a kid
Now Jimmy got life, go smack him again
When it’s war, it will be war to the end
If they ever say we lose, I start it again
Let’s sneak the n—as spray that Semi at your momma crib
With a silencer we couldn’t even hear the s—

Though Rosemond’s trial for the murder of 50’s associate Lowell ” Lodi Mack” Fletcher ended in a mistrial, Rosemond is still serving a life sentence for unrelated drug trafficking charges.