Apollo Nida close to plea deal in fraud case


Apollo Nida making a plea deal in fraud case

Instead of sitting through a trial, Apollo Nida of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” will strike a plea deal with the feds. The news comes from RadarOnlinethat obtained official court documents stating that the reality star, who is facing bank fraud and identity theft charges, would like to avoid what could easily be a highly publicized trial. With that in mind, a “resolution” is being negotiated.

“They are still in the process of investigating additional facts and negotiating a resolution,” the documents explain, and “have made substantial progress toward a resolution of this case.”

Nida’s court date for the charges was originally February 12. Following that, his trial was pushed back to March 25. He has until April 25 to reach a plea deal in the case.

As previously reported a woman named Gayla St. Julien told authorities that she and Nida created fake companies to gain access to databases to find individuals to rip off. The woman implicated Nida as the brains behind the shameless money schemes and told authorities she was his “right hand b—-.”

-danielle canada

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