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Chris Brown could avoid prison in deal with assault victim

Chris Brown - LGBT Cover

Chris Brown has found himself with his back against the wall and nowhere to run to over the past few days after being sent back to jail to await trial over an assault case after he was kicked out of rehab. And although it seems like the pop star is locked into a one-way trip to prison, a new report says he may get a pricey get-out-of-jail card if he coughs up enough money for his alleged assault victim.

As previously reported, Brown was kicked out of rehab a few days ago for having inappropriate touching and relations with some of the women in the center, mocking the center and for initially refusing to be drug-tested. Brown has been in jail ever since as he awaits his April 23 trial in Washington, D.C., to decide if a prior assault charge is a violation of his parole from his original Rihanna assault case.

However, sources tell TMZ that Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, has been scrambling to save Brown and has decided to offer Brown’s alleged beating victim, who accuses Brown of breaking his nose, a big fat check to drop the case.

Sources say if Brown offers up enough money, a civil settlement would be struck and the the alleged victim would tell prosecutors, who are well aware of the plan, that he no longer has any desire to pursue the criminal case against Brown.

TMZ claims that Brown would likely have to pay out several hundreds of thousands of dollars to the man, but if the deal, which has either been sealed or will be sealed in the next few days, works, then the judge in the Rihanna case will allow Brown to leave jail later this week or next week.

Well, if this new plan works out, it definitely proves that money can help you pay your way out of most predicaments. But then again, who could blame Brown for paying his way out of jail? Unfortunately, considering his apparent inability to stay out of trouble, this likely won’t be the last time he ends up in court. –nicholas robinson