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Freddie Gibbs says he’d fight Jeezy ‘in my church shoes’


Freddie Gibbs is still bitter towards his former boss and collaborator Young Jeezy. Speaking to Noisey, Gibbs explained why he now feels that signing to Jeezy’s Corporate Thugz Entertainment was the biggest mistake he’s made in his hip-hop career. Gibbs also admits that he would be willing to move past his beef with the elder rapper if Jeezy would acknowledge his wrongdoing.

“I’ll beat his a– in my church shoes,” Gibbs says. “If he just apologized it’d be all over with. It’s not that deep.”

“That’s one of the only mistakes of my career,” the Gary, Ind. rapper adds. “I loved Jeezy so much, diehard fan. I looked at the musical possibilities–if we were together, damn, we would make such great music.”

Gibbs released “Real” last week, a scathing diss of the Atlanta rapper who “mentored” him. And Gibbs has said in interviews that he will continue to roast Jeezy until the latter decides to speak out about the issue.

“Of course he don’t know what he doing. Hell nah, he don’t know what the f–k he doing. And I’mma stay on his punk –* till he say something about it. I’mma keep drilling his punk a– into the ground,” Gibbs said after the song’s release. “I don’t just got people around me sucking my d–k. That’s his problem, too many f–king yes-men, not telling you the real. I made mine in this game.”