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Niecy Nash’s awesomely spectacular cover shoot video

DeWayne Rogers

I write. I create. I take photos. In my spare time, I'm also a part-time super-hero. Go figure.


  1. butter bean sugar on May 16, 2014 at 10:32 am

    why dont NIECY NASH , SHERRI SHEPARD, PHEDRA, PORSHA , ALICIA KEYS , AND GABBY UNION . .these are some real embarrassment to black society females all suffer from extreme low self respect ..j
    all of them pick men based on a desperate desire to show the world they can steal a man or have a man .. all desperados with down lows brothers .
    they are not immmune to what the rest of us face daily … having to pick and choose through a very low list of black men who are real men with real agenda to marry a good woman. they think cause they are celebrity status they can steal husbands , and get with a downlow man an no one know or cares and as soon as the man is outted they scream i ddnt KOWWWWW .. SHERRI SHEPARD KNEW…. NIECY NASH KNOWS … THOSE BROTHERS SWEETER THAN TEXAS TEA … LOL
    it makes no since for them to keep going on pretending .
    sherri shepard defeniantly got what she deserve , im sure her real friends told her this sally guy was downlow .. look how he walks and dress… and he has a blank stare all the time so uninterested in sherri ..

  2. butter bean sugar on May 16, 2014 at 10:43 am

    alicia keys got hers come and gabby union too . those are the man stealer types .. hundreds out here in the real world they just happen to be on tv .lol
    not many wowen care for those two any more . but you have to feel sorry for niecy nash , cynitha baily, phedra , and porsha the cows knowinly got with DL MEN … and pretend to not notice what goes on daily ….. these dowlows are slick and some one dont know how to tell who they are … but your friends know oooooook .. so you can fake all you want sherri , niecy nash … phedra .. nene leaks .. a lot of time the female is a gay to so she accepts it all . .
    no one wants to hurt no one image ,, BRAND ETC.. SO NO ONE RATS ON NO ONE LEAVING US QUESTING .. PORSHA DID SOMTHING THAT NO ONE HAS OUTTED ONE OF THEM!!! i had said kordell was sweet ,no one believed me .. like i said steve harvey is sweet .. tyler perry leader of the sweet gang … friend told me tyler perry was not downlow SHHHHHIT !!! then i will be a moneys butty .. lmaaao ..
    so girls be careful , second quest that brother with the HERES SOME CLUES : TIGHT SUITES , PANTS HANGING LOW , CLEANING THE HOUSE UP NEATLY , LEAVING THEIR WIFE FOR YOU .steve harvey cover up ……
    heavy groomers , love colgne , hangout on saturday friday nites at bars , pony tails ,
    light colors ,like yellow , pink ties , light shoes , bitchy men .. .. men who hit women are usually downlows …. can argue with a female well …
    drive cute small cars lol …. talk excessively … funny accents … shave private area…. have barber tools in bathroom … carry lots of condums ….. date night with his friends …
    downlows love their friends if you got a man who every time he walk out the door he going to hang with his friends instead of you YOU NEED TO RUNNNNN