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Missing 8-year-old might be dead, per authorities


Relisha Rudd

Relisha Rudd

Law enforcement authorities announced this morning that the search for eight-year- old Relisha Rudd indicates the child might be dead. Police announced that they are searching a Washington, D.C. park and that the investigation is being called a recovery operation. However Washington, D.C.  Police Chief Cathy Lanier stated that the police have not given up hope on finding little Relisha alive.

Law enforcement officials are now searching the heavily wooded Kenilworth Park and Aquatic center based on recent information. The information stated that Khalil Tatum was last seen at the park after buying a carton of large contractor sized garbage bags.  “We’re not making any assumptions, but I think that it would be prudent for us now to make sure we search — and this is a very large area — search this area very well. We cannot ignore the possibility that he may have killed her” stated  Police Chief Lanier.

Relisha Rudd was kidnapped over a month ago by Khalil Tatum, a janitor who worked at the homeless shelter where the little girl was staying with her mother. The child’s mother regularly allowed the child to be taken on unsupervised outings with Tatum who is unrelated. The girl was given gifts and taken to special events like Disney on Ice by Tatum to gain her friendship. The mother, Shamika Young, did not report her child missing for several weeks and has given no rational explanation for her actions.


  1. soisaid on March 28, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    might be my azz. law enforcement knew in many cases where other races were actually dead and kept looking so just looking for this little girl. i don’t care if the man came in the store with blood on his boots. she is not dead until they find the body so keep posting pictures.

  2. kelly on March 28, 2014 at 7:54 pm

    TRUE they dont need to assum shit right now.. . til they find a body .. im so angry at the mother , i could cry ,, how do you? how do you? im speechless …

    i cannot see why she didnt tell atleast a shelter worker or family member whats up but then again a woman in a shelter with her kids means , the family dont want to help her , im sure she has some family ,so why is she in ashelter with her child and if she was not dating this janitor why would she allow the child to go anywhere with him , unless the missing link is she has had a sexual relation with the mother and the investigators can let that info go public in fear of damaging the case ? she is not innocent she knows more than she is stating , this man is a sick monster , and why would he kill the child if he does , what would be the point /??? kasey anthony didnt have to kill her baby either i dont understand why anyone would harm a innocent child … the lord is my shepard.. you just want to stay praying on this one