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World leaders wear Illuminati symbol at summit, except Obama

World Leaders Wear Bizarre Illuminati Pyramid at Summit

World leaders wear Illuminati pyramid at Nuclear Weapons Summit

Many conspiracy theorists, both black and white, claim that the world is controlled by a select group of people known as the “Illuminati,” which can be translated as the “enlightened.”

One group known as the Bavarian Illuminati did exist from 1776-1785, and they purportedly opposed superstition and prejudice. But the Illuminati is best known for its aim of world domination.

One of the key symbols of all Illuminati is the pyramid with the all-seeing eye of the Egyptian god Horus above it. It’s on the back of U.S. dollar bill and is a key part of Masonic tradition.

At the recent Nuclear Weapons Summit held in the Netherlands this week, the centerpiece display of the room was a holographic pyramid spinning in the air, this display was surrounded by a table that had ancient Egyptian-like symbols on the front of each seat.

All of the world leaders or their representative wore a golden pyramid lapel pin except one leader, President Obama. Obama instead wore an American flag lapel pin.

Watch the video below: